Career Pathways

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If you have not yet met with a counselor to discuss your career goals, make an appointment today to talk about career pathways and develop your educational plan. A career pathway is a series of courses or programs that will help you reach different steps along the way toward your career goal. If you do not have a goal yet, don't worry. Talk to a counselor about programs and services at Ventura College to help you make some choices -- whether you eventually want to transfer to a 4-year college or university or obtain the skills necessary for entry level employment as soon as possible at Ventura College.

Find your career area of interest and start exploring your future today!

The 15 Industry Sectors

There are fifteen industry sectors (clusters) with multiple career pathways in each. Career pathways may lead to certificates, associate degrees or transfer degrees which allow students to go on to a four year college to complete a bachelor's degree. 

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High School Students

What is a program of study?

A program of study shows the classes you need to take in a career pathway to complete high school and a certificate or an associate's degree showing both the career pathway classes and the general education classes you will need. Some programs of study may include articulated classes. 

Community College Students

If you are currently attending community college, you may be trying to figure out which career area is the right one for you. Not all careers require a four year degree. There are may certificate and associate degree programs that take two years or less and that lead to high-demand, high paying careers. 

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