Dana Boynton, Library Technician

photo of Dana Boynton

Congratulations, Dana Boynton! The 2019 VCCCD Classified Employee of the Year

For over 11 years, Dana Boynton has been a pillar of support for library services at Ventura College. She works ceaselessly to ensure student success by overseeing the provision of quality library products and services and to ensure streamlined, efficient workflow. She tirelessly supports staff and faculty. Dana uses a student-centered approach, demonstrating how to incorporate compassion and an eye for student success into each workday. Dana takes on duties large and small without hesitation and with diligence and aplomb. She handles minor issues in the Library with the same level of care and outstanding work ethic she gives to large tasks and strict deadlines. She is a leader through and through who shies away from nothing. Dana does everything with student experience and student success in mind. She wants the library to be welcoming, a place not only essential to providing current resources but a safe and relaxing place to be, where students can find help and encouragement, and a place where students are seen as individuals with unique needs. Dana fosters this type of environment and is the backbone of the Library, doing whatever is needed to ensure students get what they need. Her generous heart is full of empathy, kindness, and compassion and these characteristics directly lend themselves to her drive to provide leadership in the Ventura College Library.