SLOs and SUOs

What are Student Learning Outcomes?

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are learning goals set by the course instructor, program faculty or institution and are vital to the interactive learning process. They are the knowledge, skills, activities, and attitudes that a student has attained from his or her engagement in a particular set of collegiate experiences. (adapted from the ACCJC Standards Glossary).

What are Service Unit Outcomes?

Service unit outcomes (SUOs) are the goals and strategies set by service programs to support students as they progress along their educational journey at Ventura College.

How do I assess SLOs or SUOs?

The video below provides a quick overview of how to assess SLOs/SUOs and then enter the results into Tracdat (Nuventive).

The PDF below provides detailed step-by-step instructions for entering SLO/SUO assessment findings into Tracdat (Nuventive).