Student Activities and Clubs

Student Activities Program

The goal of the Student Activities Program is to provide opportunities for students and the College to expand and develop through a wide variety of activities and experiences. Student participation in the Student Activities Program comprises two major areas: governance and college activities. Within each, a wide spectrum of experiences are available to students. Program areas include but are not limited to: student activities and programs, the Associated Students of Ventura College (ASVC), student clubs and organizations, posting approval, use of facilities and services by student clubs and organizations, student photo identification cards, and student commencement.

For more information on student activities and programs visit the Student Government homepage.

Advertising, Posting, and Distribution of Information on Campus

All flyers, posters and advertisement posted on campus must be stamped for approval by the Student Activities Office. Information may then be posted only on the College's bulletin boards or kiosks for a maximum of 14 working days. Transparent tape, tacks or staples only can used. No information may be placed on walls, vehicles, sidewalks, windows, trash cans, benches, etc. Unapproved items, or those placed over approved information, may be removed by staff. The office is also authorized to determine the place, time, and manner of the dissemination or disbursement of any information on campus. Advanced scheduling is required for all such activities.