The ASSIST website is the official California state-wide database listing a selection of campus-approved transfer agreements, general education requirements and information on UC and CSU transferable courses.

To take advantage of this valuable resource:

  1. Go to the ASSIST website at
  2. Select an institution by scrolling down and selecting "Ventura College" or another college from the drop-down list.
  3. Select an Academic Year to from the drop-down list (example: 13-14).
  4. Select the campus you plan on transferring to from the drop-down list.
  5. Select your major from the drop-down list (example: psychology).
  6. A new page will appear with the articulation agreement between the community college (example: Ventura College) and the university (example: CSU Channel Islands).
  7. The classes on the left are required by the university, and the classes on the right are the equivalent courses offered at the community college.
  8. Click the gold "Print" button at the top of the screen to view a printer friendly version, or click on the "Change Report or Institution" to view a different agreement.

IMPORTANT: Students are advised to contact a Ventura College counselor for more information and for details regarding other transfer agreements and options not available for your transfer college choice on the ASSIST website. Stop by the Transfer & Career Center, in the Student Services Center (SSC) or phone (805) 289-6411 to schedule an appointment.